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Drama Curriculum

Our Drama curriculum aims to build a foundation for all pupils to achieve at Key Stage 4. At Woodlands we offer AQA Drama and NCFE Performance Skills examinations.  Both qualifications support pupils in pursuing a career in the Arts and Technological industries and also provide pupils with DFE recognised qualifications to support further education.

AQA Drama. Pupils will learn core skills that will enable them to be confident performers. They will be able to make creative decisions that link to a clear theme and style of drama. Students will also focus on their analytical and evaluative skills to explore the process of creating a strong piece of theatre.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum takes the core skills needed to succeed at Key Stage 4 and makes them accessible to younger ages building a platform to project and achieve every pupil's full potential. 

Extra Curricular opportunities:

  • APT Drama

  • Year 7&8 Drama club

  • School musical - HAIRSPRAY

  • Technical Theatre Company 

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